Heartfelt Mini Flower Headband (Multi Colors available)

Heartfelt by Natalia

$ 12.00 

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These headbands are sure to be one of a kind!

A Cluster of Mini Felt Flowers on a Headband. Made from a soft high quality wool blend felt and wool felt balls.

This floral arrangement is securely glued on a strip of felt, which is on a super soft, stretchy nylon headband. These nylon headbands are gentle, and fit comfortably without leaving any marks. These will fit your precious newborn, will grow as your babe grows and will even fit adults.

Approximately 2.25 inches from leaf tip to tip.
Each headband is handmade and therefor each piece may slightly differ.

Headbands are not toys, they contain small parts which could pose as a choking hazard, please do not leave your child unattended while wearing any hair accessories. 

All Heartfelt Headbands are Final Sale.