Girasol Rayos d'oro Woven Wrap


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Weave: Diamond Weave
Weight: Approx. 228 g/m²

Suitable for:
From newborn till toddler

Woven Wrap, Instruction manual

All Girasol babyslings come pre-washed and ready to wrap. They are machine washable, 30° up to 60°. To be gentle on the fabric and wash environmentally friendly we recommend a low temperature.

Use a mild detergent, no brightener or softener.Line-drying is preferred, but they can take the dryer and some ironing once in a while.

It is perfectly normal that the wrap shrinks a little in the washing. Information on the length of the wrap relates to the length after washing. Your wrap gains some length again through wrapping and ironing.

Girasols are a handwoven and often have beauty marks referred to as "stubs and nubs." These marks make your wrap one of kind and in no way effect the structural support of the wrap!