Girasol Northern Lights Twill Ring Sling


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Rainbow of colors in the Northern Lights pattern featuring a purple weft!

Size 1 : Approx. 170 cm to the short edge
Size 2 : Approx. 200 cm to the short edge

Weave: Twill
Weight: Approx. 216 g/m²
Shoulder style: Gathered
Material: 100% pure cotton, no chemical treatment or finishing; Sling rings made of Aluminum

Suitable for:
From newborn till toddler

One ring sling, Instruction manual

Washing Instructions
Machine washable, 30° up to 60°. To protect the fabric as well as the environment we recommend a low temperature.

Please use mild detergent and a gentle cycle (low spin, max. 900 rev.). No bleach, no optical brighteners.

Do not use fabric softener.

Put your ring sling in a washing net or pillow case to protect washing machine and rings. Do not tumble dry because of the rings. Air-dry only.

Girasols are a handwoven and often have beauty marks referred to as "stubs and nubs." These marks make your wrap one of kind and in no way effect the structural support of the carrier!