DidyTai (Meh Dai) Lisca Minos


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A lightweight DidyTai featuring the Lisca pattern. Anthracite threads used for the warp and turquoise and cyclamen for the weft to accentuate the pattern.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Colors: Anthracite, Turquoise, Cyclamen
Material Weight: 190 g/m²

The Didymos Mei Tai (DidyTai) carrier is an easy-to-use, Asian-style baby carrier made from a rectangular piece of woven wrap fabric with four straps sewn to its corners. It has no buckles, snaps or Velcro fasteners, so nothing to wear out, and nothing to scratch or wake baby when adjusting. The top straps are wide and gathered which cradle the wearer’s shoulders, distributing baby’s weight evenly. The bottom straps tie around the waist and provide additional support.

The DIDY Mei Tai has a drawstring which adjusts the width/seat of the carrier, making the carrier fully adjustable for newborn babies to toddler age (around 35 lbs/16 Kg). This creates an optimal and ergonomic position for the baby, being held in the spread-squat-position which minimizes stress or pressure on developing hip joints. The Didy Mei Tai (DidyTai) is made from the same fabrics as the Didymos woven wraps so possess the same diagonal stretch as their wraps, ensuring the highest level of comfort and support.  All raw materials come from controlled biological cultivation, and the spinning and dying is done in highly regulated, eco-conscious factories. The fabric is not treated chemically neither before nor after the manufacturing process.

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