Didymos Jersey Hybrid Doubleface Stars


$ 149.00 

The DIDYMOS Jersey Hyrbrid wrap is made from knit fabric of 100% organic cotton and features a double-fold finished hem for optimal support. Cradle your baby in organic comfort. Because it is full width, with finished hems, this wrap can take you well past the baby stage. 

Blue and natural combine this impressive jersey wrap. This particular wrap is suited for newborns to about 12 months (up to 9Kg/20 lbs).

The Double-Face Stretchy is standard width making it perfect for newborn wearing, and for the first year. The fabric is light and easy to tie. This wrap is soft and floppy as is the nature of a stretchy but offers similar support to that of a woven wrap.

This particular wrap should only be tied with the Front Wrap Cross Carry or Wrap Cross Carry, or variations of these carries. 

How does a hybrid differ from a regular stretch wrap? A hybrid stretch wrap is made from jersey cotton just like a regular stretch wrap although some stretch wraps are made from a spandex and cotton blend. The difference lies with the way the material stretches, the finishing, the elasticity and carry options. What makes a wrap a hybrid stretch is that the material has no lengthwise stretch so the top and bottom rails are supportive without a tendency to fold over or roll. In addition, the top and bottom rails are hemmed for additional strength and support. By contrast, a regular stretch wrap has no hemmed rails and the fabric has lengthwise stretch.