Didymos DidyTai Facett Midday Sky (Meh Dai)


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Made from the Facett Midday Sky wrap, this Didy Meh-Dai  features the pattern in blue graduating through different hues from turquoise to dark over light blue and on purple tones.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Colors: Natural White, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Pale Blue, Purple
Material Weight: 200 g/m²

Easy-to-put on, a pre-structered soft carrier. Sewn from the high quality DIDYMOS wrap fabrics, the Didymos Meh-Dai is comfortable and supportive. Fits newborn to toddler and offers both front and back carrying.

The nature of the Facett weave adds depth to the surface and creates a slightly grippy fabric texture that holds knots firmly in place.

Though lightweight, the fabric is densely woven and supportive featuring a perfect diagonal stretch that is characteristic to all Didymos wraps and that makes it comfortable to handle and to adapt.