Didymos DidySling Summer Mosaic


$ 159.00 

DidySling Summer Mosaic, made from a pure organic cotton fabric with gorgeous design and gorgeous colour palette.

It is medium weight, soft and a bit cushy, a perfect sling for carrying newborns, yet supportive enough to offer hold and security for wearing a heavier baby as well.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Colors: Cyclamen, Turquoise, Teal and White
Material Weight: 230 g/m²

Jacquard woven in a beautiful array of cyclamen, turquoise and teal and blended with white weft yarns, the mosaic pattern is the same on both sides, the colour palette is reversed.

This medium weight ring sling has a gathered shoulder and measures 170 - 180 cm. The sling tail has a tapered end and the length is measured along the shorter edge.